Each year, hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured from burns received when their clothing catches fire. Many of these fatalities and serious injuries could be prevented if the proper procedures were followed.

The "Stop, Drop & Roll" Technique is relatively simple to follow. It is important that our senior citizens and small children be instructed in this technique as it is these two groups who are statistically most susceptible to clothing related fires.

STOP. If your clothing catches fire, immediately stop. DO NOT RUN, or try to pat out the flames with your hands.

DROP. Immediately drop to the floor or ground and lay out flat.

ROLL. Once on the ground or floor, roll over and over smothering the flames as you roll. If a blanket, rug or large jacket is available it can be used to wrap the body, also smothering the flames.

STOP, DROP and ROLL can save your life!</blockquote>